Artistic and Literary Section


The Cercle artistique et littéraire, founded in 1847, merged with the Cercle royal gaulois shortly after the Second World War. The sumptuous premises which the City of Brussels put at its disposal on the Waux-Hall site thus benefited the two institutions which had now amalgamated.

The artistic section of the Cercle royal gaulois today comprises some one hundred members (painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, photographers, film-makers and actors) who participate actively in staging the cultural events organised in the rooms. The Section aims to fit comfortably into the Cercle’s widely diverse programme and to contribute to its intellectual influence.

Its activities are motivated by two wishes: on the one hand to showcase the multiplicity of talent abundant within the Section in terms of both creativity and interpretation, and on the other to be open to events in the cultural life of the capital city, the country and Europe.

Various initiatives illustrate this desire. Solo exhibitions and group shows demonstrate the diverse output of the artists and sculptors who are or have been members of the Cercle. Leading French language novelists, poets and dramatists attend meetings of the literary circle. Recitals foreshadow or extend the spell-binding atmosphere of the Concours musical international Reine Elisabeth. A prize known as the “Gaulois de la biographie” is awarded every other year to an author whose work has been chosen by a panel of writers and critics.

Other initiatives in the artistic field (visits to exhibitions or galleries, performances and lectures at the Théâtre royal du Parc, cultural tours, various concerts) are pursued throughout the year. Details are given each month in the events calendar. The quality and constant diversity of such events reinforces the unanimously recognised uniqueness of Cercle royal gaulois, artistique et littéraire.

The current president of the section artistique et littéraire is Ferdinand Pire.