Honorary Members

Baron VAN DAELE (Frans)

Honorary Ambassador. Chief of Staff of His Majesty King Philippe.

Viscount Etienne DAVIGNON

Minister of State, Honorary Ambassador, Former Vice-President of the EEC

Baron FRANCK (Jacques)

Man of letters. Former editor in chief of La Libre Belgique.


Former President of the French Republic, member of the French Academy, member of the Belgian Royal Academy


Honorary Rector and President of the ULB (Free University of Brussels). Permanent Secretary to the Belgian Royal Academy.

Baron KESTELOOT (Edgar)

Honorary work leader at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Member of the jury of the Belgian Vocation Foundation since 1980. Founder and Honorary President of the Natural and Ornithological Reserves of Belgium (RNOB). President of the Belgian Foundation for the Conservation of Habitats.

Mr Georges OCTORS

Honorary professor at the Brussels Royal Conservatory, Conductor, Honorary Musical Director of the National Orchestra of Belgium